Poses Every Groom Should Do For His Wedding Photos

Your wedding day is all about you and your spouse-to-be, so you want every detail to be perfect. But remember the little things that will impact your photos – like how you pose! We’ve rounded up a few of our favorite posing tips for grooms to make sure you look your best on camera. Trust us, these small tweaks will make a difference in your wedding photos!

posing tips for grooms

Poses that will up your groom photo game

  1. Groom With His Groomsmen: No wedding album is complete without a photo of the groom and his groomsmen together! Have each person pose with their hands on the shoulders of the person in front for an extra special touch.
  2. Close Up Portrait: Ask your photographer to take some close-up shots of the groom at various points during the day, so you can remember what you looked like in that exact moment. This can be especially meaningful if you’re wearing something special or sentimental – like a family heirloom – as part of your ensemble.
  3. Kissing The Bride: Don’t forget to capture one of the most intimate moments between you and your bride – the first kiss as newlyweds! Ask your photographer to take a few shots of you two embracing and kissing for an image that truly says “love.”
  4. Groom With His Bride: Photographs of the bride and groom together are also a must-have for any wedding album. Have some fun with it – lift her up, twirl her around, or hold hands while looking off into the distance.
  5. Casual Shot: Showcase a more relaxed and casual side with a photo of the groom smiling, laughing, or enjoying alone on his special day. This will help create a visual story of your wedding day for years to come!
  6. Bow Tie Adjustment: A classic groom pose is to adjust your bow tie! Ask your photographer to capture this iconic moment – it’s sure to make you and future generations smile.
  7. Groom Alone: One last shot should be all about the groom! Have your photographer take a portrait of you in front of key features like the church doors, reception area, or even family members who were part of the ceremony. With all these
  8. Dancing: Capture special moments on the dance floor by having your photographer snap photos while dancing with your new spouse. Whether you’re slow-dancing or doing something more upbeat, these images will surely show off all your moves!
  9. Groom With Ring: Include a few solo shots of the groom holding his wedding band or looking at it closely. This picture will show your commitment and dedication to the marriage in a beautiful way.
  10. Groom And His Parents: Having photos of you with both your parents is essential for any wedding album. Ask them to pose with their arms around each other and try to take a shot of all three generations together – if possible!

Poses to get the perfect groom and groomsmen photo

  1. The classic “suits and ties” shot – Get the men to stand in a line, arms folded across their chests. This is always a great option for capturing the groom and his groomsmen looking their best.
  2. Group hugs – Have the groomsmen form a semi-circle around the groom, with each man giving him a hug from behind or clapping him on the back. It’s an emotional yet fun pose that can be used to capture some truly special moments between friends.
  3. High Five – Everyone should get into a circle formation, with each man facing outwards to give everyone else high fives! Not only is it fun, but it’s also great for showcasing the bond between the groom and his groomsmen.
  4. The Eye-Contact Shot – Get everyone to stand in a line and look each other straight in the eye while smiling. This reveals nothing but true friendship and camaraderie between them all and is sure to be an amazing photo moment that will melt hearts!
  5. Jumping High – Standing next to each other with their arms around one another’s shoulders, get everyone to jump as high as they can (with the groom in front, of course!). Not only does this make for a fantastic photo, but it’s also sure to bring lots of laughter on the day too!
  6. Walking Together – Have the men all stand together, and then get them to walk in the same direction. This could be on a beach, in the woods, or anywhere else that looks great! It’s a great way of capturing the groom and his groomsmen walking side by side into their future.
  7. Rehearsing their Vows – Get all the men to practice reading their speeches together. It will be an incredibly special moment they can look back on with fondness for years to come.
  8. Joking Around – Have some fun with it! Get everyone to laugh and joke around each other while being snapped away! It brings out natural expressions on camera, which makes for some excellent shots!
  9. Arm-Crossed – Have the groomsmen stand in a line, with each man crossing their arms across their chest. It gives everyone a cool vibe and looks great too!
  10. Toasting – Get everyone to raise a glass while smiling at each other. You can be sure that all the men will love this one, as it’s always fun to participate in such activities together!

You can use these poses to capture your perfect groom and groomsmen photo. So pick whichever ones suit your style, and get snapping away today! With these ideas, you should have no problem creating unique photos that everyone will love forever.